from me to you

I am an attractive, curvaceous, young woman.  I am beautiful. I am poised and well-spoken. I do not resemble a stripper or a porn star. I am the voluptuous, fair-skinned 1940s pin-up with scarlet lips and hourglass figure. I don't wear latex and vinyl; I wear silk and leather. I am a lady. I am college-educated. I speak French. I wear Hermes perfume and Dior lipstick. I am 100% natural with a 34DDD bust and a firm, full backside you'll never touch. My thick, soft, chestnut hair is not colored, and my long eyelashes will transfix your brain. I am refined, unlike some predictable plastic-clad faux dominatrix, and you would be lucky if I let you even glance into my pretty green eyes.

I spank naughty boys who need to discipline, and I verbally humiliate them with a smile on my face.  My desire is to make "powerful" men crawl at my feet.  I use traditional household items as implements and anything else that might amuse me in administering my discipline. My tailor-made sessions are creative and very controlled, leaving my client delightfully disoriented. I am not a dominatrix; I spank and humiliate.  You will love me.

Most of my upper-echelon clientele grow with my help over regular sessions.  New York City is a common travel destination not only for businessmen but also for those boys who travel for Miss Eva's control every month.  Multiple discipline sessions with a firm hand turn into ongoing support and mutual trust.  My goal is never to leave you destroyed; it's to make you better as a man.  But that takes time, and man oh man, is the journey great fun.  


If I decide to take you as a client, I look forward to spanking you senseless.

Miss Smith