When I enter your Manhattan hotel room, my beauty and sophistication allure you as I cooly stalk you in my black high heels.  I stand firmly before you and stare directly into your eyes, sniffing out your weaknesses and breathing them in.  With a flirtatious flutter of my long eyelashes and my playful scarlet-lipped smirk, I surprise you with a keen insult about your manhood.  You instantly feel my power.  You will submit to my strength.  

Thrilled by your fear and uncertainty, I, the petite but mighty seductress, lay you, the naughty boy, over my silk-stockinged knee.  With my strong, tiny hand, I mercilessly spank your bare bottom.  Suddenly, your world fades away; you're now in the heaven of absolute domination.  You gladly surrender to my animal female instincts as I generously deliver delicious, delightful pain.  

I command you to stand in the corner with your head buried in it, and you dread what awaits you. "Yes, Miss," you whimper, while I recline as the refined uptown girl I am, my lovely legs crossed, amusing myself by staring at your naked body.  A wicked smile is fixed on my pretty face.  I then order you, the once alpha-male businessman, to drop to all-fours and crawl to me.  I viscously snap your rump with my thick leather belt.  "DO YOU WANT MORE?"  "Yes, Miss," you mutter meekly.  You writhe on the floor under my sharp stiletto that I relish gouging deeper into your skin.  Then you're back on your feet, you dirty boy, and I force you to watch yourself in the mirror as I elegantly cane your behind with my bamboo rod.  If your eyes drift to my voluptuous body, more lashes for you.  You beg me to stop, but I know what you deserve.  

Over the course of the hour, I effortlessly ration your punishment of intense, unforgettable pain and relentless, deep humiliation.  I unflinchingly correct you until I am utterly satisfied. 

I then lay you out on the bed stomach-down and allow you to relax your wearied body.  Now is the time for soothing, for maternal nurturing, the kind all humans thirst for.  I tenderly stroke the back of your neck, quietly shush you, and gingerly apply cream to your raw backside.  You understand why you've been so punished, and in this I relieve you of your indiscretions.  As our time ends, the two of us sit on the edge of the bed, my arms embracing you tightly, my body swaying you slowly.  Comforted against my soft, womanly bosom, you feel total, blissful release.