Miss Smith, how can I become a client of yours? 

  I am very selective about whom I select because I can be.  Ideal candidates are overtly respectful, intelligent, well-spoken, professional, and grateful for my time.  The vast majority of my clients are businessmen who understand the value in ongoing sessions with a sophisticated, educated, metropolitan woman who anticipates his evolving needs.


Are you a dominatrix? 

  No. A disciplinarian and a dominatrix are quite different. Google it. 


What type of implements do you use?  

  I use ordinary household items like a wooden hairbrush, wooden spoons, a thick leather belt, twine, and oh yeah, my wooden paddle that allows me to shred buns with minimal effort.  I enjoy the fact that you can look at a spoon in your Kansas kitchen and think of mighty Miss Smith back in Manhattan. My little hands are also formidable tools in turning a naughty boy's tush bright red. 

Can I touch you?  

   NO.  If you touch me, END OF SESSION.  I have no problem leaving a session due to your unacceptable behavior.  Good boys get a wholesome hug at the very end of the session, but that's all the touching allowed.


Miss Smith, I'd love to give you a spanking.  Are you a switch? 



Will you spank my dick or balls?  



Will you put stuff up my butt?



Can I worship your feet or your face or whatever? 

   NO.  The only touching of my hands and feet is if it happens organically.  For instance, I may make you take off my stiletto with my teeth, etc.  


Is there ever sex in your sessions? 


What if I beg you to stop because the spanking hurts too bad? 

   There is no safe word with Miss Eva.  It's up to my mercy, and chances are, I won't have much.  (Lucky you.)  Without a safe word, you enter your discipline session relinquishing all the power to me, which is a very good thing. 



Do you take special requests?

  You can ask, and I have no problem saying no if I'm even a little uncomfortable with it.  That being said, I want you to get what you desire out of your session, so I might just work with you. 



Can I bring my own implements to a session? 

  Sure, as long as I approve them beforehand. 



Can I bring my wife or girlfriend into a session?

   You bet.  (Sounds like a fun conversation to strike up with your sweetheart.)  She can witness without cost, but if she participates, my tribute doubles.  


Can you help me with my real life issues? 

  Looking forward to it.  If you are trying to lose weight, trying to quit smoking, trying to be a better whatever, let's discuss incorporating that into the session.  I am not a therapist, but an hour with me is a lot more fun.

How must I address you in a discipline session? 

  You will call me "Miss."  If you call me something else, even by accident, you will get a firm slap across the face.  



How do you dress in a discipline session?

  I prefer to wear a black cocktail dress and stilettos in session.  I like black.  If you have a special request, (for example, you'd like me to wear a baby blue cardigan like your babysitter used to), we can discuss it.  But remember, just because I offer you a choice, I am still in total control of my appearance.  



Can I compliment you? 

  Sure.  You can tell me nice things until the instant I tell you to shut the fuck up. 

Miss Smith, what do you look like? 

  I'm petite, curvy, and lovely.  I have an hourglass figure, luminous fair skin, shiny natural chestnut hair, green eyes, and long eyelashes.  I have a pretty, girlish face that effortlessly attracts the male gaze.  I'm also quite poised and graceful and glide through a room in stilettos.  


What's your back story?

   I'm actually an orphan who grew up on a tiny Island off the coast of Nova Scotia.  When I was 18, I left for Las Vegas to become a dentist.  If you believed that, then you won't make the cut as a client of mine.  Do not ask me anything about my personal life.  That will really piss me off, and not in any kind of playful way.  


Why do you do this for a living? 

  I'm naturally dominant.  I am intelligent, articulate, and have never been shy in my life.  In fact, I'm kind of the life of the party.  In being a professional disciplinarian, I get to use all my favorite skills without having a boss or playing office politics.  I've had an important corporate job, and I truly like this much better.  And I get to doll myself up in pretty dresses and red lipstick just to take control over a grown man.  Not a bad gig. 


Are you a nice person outside of your job? 

  This is a moot point because you will never see me outside of my job.  


Do you hate men? 

  Haha, no.  I actually adore men.  I am heterosexual, and good men are the objects of my affection.  

What is your tribute? 

  For a 60-minute discipline session, my tribute is $300.  The first 45 minutes are strict discipline, and the last 15 are a cool-down with nurturing aftercare.  Before your sessions, I spend time getting to know your needs and desires.  No two clients are the same, and I go into a session with a distinct plan based on your desires.  I understand nuance and personal growth, and I want you to get what you want from a discipline session. 


How do I start this process of getting a spanking session with you? 

  Contact me through this website briefly explaining your needs.  Use proper punctuation and grammar.  Use your words.  Make an effort.  If I think you're worthy of a session, I will email you an invoice for a $100 deposit to hold an appointment time.  Once you've paid it, we will discuss your needs and desires over email until all of my questions have been answered.  (If you think I'm going to map out a custom session with you just so you can jack off and never contact me again, you've got the wrong professional disciplinarian.) 


Where do you host? 

  I don't.  You host in a Manhattan hotel room.  Believe me, you will be happy to have a bed at your disposal once I leave.  There's also an ice bucket for your beet-red buns.  If we develop ongoing sessions, I will consider making house calls.  (I'm very selective about traveling to sessions.)


Why do you only work in hotel rooms? 

  They are dependable, and much of my clientele are traveling businessmen.  And isn't the unfamiliarity of a hotel just more fun?  


Why can't I have your phone number? 

  Because the anonymity is better for both of us.  Let's not lessen the intrigue with a bunch of chatter.


Is all of this legal? 

  Yes.  It's all on the up and up. 

How can I please you, Miss? 

  Be respectful, even chivalrous if you can.  Call me "Miss."  Do exactly as I tell you.  Enjoy the fact that I am in charge and let me do my fucking job.  Don't whine; you signed up for this, remember.  If I tell you to stop talking, immediately shut up.  If I tell you to drop to your knees, do it quickly and without questions.  Take my orders like I am your drill sergeant; I'm your pretty, curvy, strong, commanding officer who has no problem yelling in your face. 


How else can I make you happy, Miss? 

  I very much appreciate gifts and gratuity for a job well done.  I enjoy gifts you've selected from my favorite shops, including L.K. Bennett, Reiss, Alice+Olivia, and Ted Baker.  La Perla and Agent Provocateur thrill me as well.  Of course, an excursion to Bergdorf's is always a pleasant surprise.  (My shoe size is 5.5 (or 36 European), my dress size is 6 petite, and I do not accept goods made of synthetics (i.e. polyester, faux leather, faux fur, etc.)  A trip to a fine Manhattan spa is always welcomed, as I am a true New York woman. If you would like to know a specific item I'd like, I will supply you with that information.  For instance, L.K. Bennett's Thelma leather tote bag in taupe would make me happy.  And I know you'd like to make Miss Eva happy.  

Are you discreet? 

   Discretion is the basis of my livelihood.  I truly respect my clients and their needs.  I take this responsibility very seriously, and in turn, I expect the same courtesy from my clients.  But don't be shy about referring Miss Eva Smith to your friends.  And no, I would never talk to them about you, (just like shrinks don't discuss their patients).  



Why are you so mean? 

  Because it's what you need, and I'm just so damn good at it.